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Norm: 0429 892 893, Director  Norm travels the Hume Highway to Shepparton and back to Melbourne regularly, he is our “GURU” on tools. Any tools you need, Norm will know what it’s for and where to source it. He started in this business in 1998 and is a wealth of knowledge.   Ian: 0412 788 744, Metro Melbourne  Ian has been with us since we commenced in 1998 and is our Panel Beating Expert, whatever you need Ian will source it for you. Ian calls on trucking, earthmoving, panel beating and mechanical workshops and covers a vast area, taking in the western and northern suburbs.
Norm: 0429 892 893, Director Peter: 0418 564 983, Dandenong / Cranbourne
Peter: 0418 564 983, Dandenong / Cranbourne   Peter does the very large areas of Cranbourne, Dandenong, Springvale, Clayton, Moorabbin, Oakleigh, and the majority of the southern suburbs. Peter has lots of energy and is always on the move from one cutomer to the next, he knows his products well, and is invaluable when it comes to sourcing products that are hard to find.
Michael: 0488 900 300, Werribee / Geelong /                                          Sunbury / Melton    Michael is our rep in the Werribee, Geelong, Sunbury & Melton areas. His van is well laid out with tool boxes and a large display of tools, you name it and Michael will have it onboard. He loves what he does and is eager to please, there is always a deal to be had.  
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Ian: 0412 788 744, Metro Melbourne Part No. SP50115, SP 376 Metric SAE Tool Kit
Part No. SP50115 SP 376 Metric SAE Tool Kit $2,365.00
Part No. SCMT50273, Sidchrome Triple Bank Roll Cabinet 20 Draw, 1450 x 459 x 1004
Part No. SCMT50273 Sidchrome Triple Bank Roll Cabinet 20 Draw 1450 x 459 x 1004 $1,950.00
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Norm:      0429 892 893, Director Ian:          0412 788 744, Metro Melbourne Peter:       0418 564 983, Dandenong / Cranbourne  Michael:  0488 900 300, Werribee / Geelong / Sunbury / Melton  
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