Our Automotive Pulling Clamps are the best for anyone working in the Automotive Industry. We stock Toledo and JM Smash repair clamps, which come with a lifetime warranty. These clamps can be used for tasks such as pulling out dents, aligning body panels, or holding components in place during repair work.

How to use a Pulling Clamp
1. Prepare the Work Area: Ensure the area around the damaged or to-be-repaired component is clear and accessible.
2. Position the Clamp: Place the pulling clamp over the area you want to pull or align. Ensure it is securely positioned and aligned with the direction of the pull.
3. Attach the Pulling Device: Use a pulling device, such as a slide hammer or pulling tower, and attach it to the pulling clamp. Make sure the pulling device is securely connected.
4. Apply Pressure: Slowly apply pressure or force using the pulling device. The pulling clamp will hold the component in place while the pulling device applies force to pull or align the component.
5. Monitor Progress: Continuously monitor the progress of the pulling operation to ensure the component is being pulled or aligned correctly.
6. Release and Check: Once the desired pulling or alignment is achieved, release the pressure and check the component. Make any necessary adjustments and repeat the process if needed.
7. Finish Up: Once the pulling operation is complete, finish up any remaining repair work, such as welding or finishing the surface.

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+ What brands of tools do you offer at Autotech Tools?

Autotech Tools offers a wide range of tool brands, including SIDCHROME, KINCROME, STANLEY, GEARWRENCH, GENIUS TOOLS, EUROTECH, ACTION, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC, ENDEAVOUR, and many more. We have a diverse selection to cater to your specific needs.

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